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To participate in our project, first of all, you have to [register].

You can enter any data. The information you will specify, will appear on your visiting cards by default.

There are several required fields. They are marked in bold font. Please, provide your existing, working email, otherwise we won't be able to help you in case you will forget your password.

After the registration you will see your personal number (login) and password, which you will use entering the system. The password is generated automatically, and it gives you a firm and full guarantee of confidentiality.

Also you will get registration letter to the email address you entered at the registration, with your personal information, login and password.

Forget your password? Make use of the service [Remind my password]

After the registration you can start creating your visiting cards and search for friends. Цилиндрический баллон пропан купить АВТОГЕН.

Creation of a new visiting card You can have unlimited number of your personal visiting cards with different information.
There are three basical types of samples: [business], [friendly] and [children's] visiting cards. They differ in the information you provide. Even a child can create a new visiting card, so it won't take much of your precious time.

Search can be done by any data. You can just look through all the visiting cards. You can add visiting cards you found to your personal card holder, send to your friend or use the html-code link to it in a letter or on a website.

My visiting cards - collection of your personal visiting cards, which you can edit, send to a friend or use the html-code link to it in a letter or on a website.

Visiting cards holder - personal collection of visiting cards of your friends, colleagues, relatives etc. Besides this, it can be used for search of people by given criteria.

If you have any questions, feel free to write [email protected]

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